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Marc Frank Montoya

Marc Frank Montoya is an insanely talented pro snowboarder who was all over snowboarding media for a long career starting in the late 90's. I loved talking with MFM, his positivity, drive, and motivation are totally contagious.

Jess Kimura

Undeniably one of the best snowboarders of all time, Jess Kimura recorded with me in her home last weekend where we talked about her life in snowboarding, the gender gap, and the love of her life.

Dano Pendygrasse

Dano Pendygrasse shot his first snowboarding photos with a camera he bought from past guest Sean Sullivan. Before that, he was a team rider for Westbeach and Sims snowboards. Dano's photos have shaped the way I look at snowboarding. This two hour conversation with him covers a lot of ground so settle in and enjoy...



Al Clark


Al Clark invented the Superpipe along with his fellow Canadian Greg Todds. After winning the Westbeach Classic, Al got a Pro Model on Sims along side Noah Salasnek. I spent a weekend at Al's property with him and his dog Rider talking snowboarding.