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Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is one of the most recognized pro snowboarders in the snowboarding industry. His method has its own facebook page. His low key powerful style is a part of snowboarding's integrity. This is the final episode of season two, listen to the end to participate in our new segment "Are You A Snowboarder?"

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has been called the first snowboarding superpro by ESPN. He's won the Transworld Reader's Poll Rider Of The Year 3 times. He's filmed parts in Alaska with Standard Films. There's no denying that Kevin Jones has a supernatural talent on a snowboard. But at his core he identifies simply as a snowboarder. Recorded during the epic 2017 snow season, this interview with Kevin Jones is one we are proud of.

Johan Olofsson

The second wave of Scandinavian snowboarders included Johan Olofsson, a Swede who would turn technical freestyle on its head by taking big tricks to Alaska. If you've listened to our Tom Burt, Dave Hatchet, or Dave Downing episodes then you already know how much of an impact Johan's riding had on the world of professional snowboarding. He runs Svanstein ski resort in Northern Sweden now and has a baby on the way, due any day now!

Jeffrey Fulton

We revisit Jeff Fulton at his home near Mt Baker in WA. Jeff's placed 3rd at the Legendary Banked Slalom at Baker and has had a long lucrative snowboarding career as a Pro Rider, Contest Judge, and Coach. He's one of the most important people who's ever taken up snowboarding. And he still rides better than the majority of snowboarders.