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Damian Sanders

Closing out Season 1 we bring you an interview with Damian Sanders.

Damian rode for Avalanche Snowboards, a company his brother Chris owned. From the first Avalanche board ever made to the Damian Dagger, Chris and Damian made it up as they went, a lot like we are doing with this podcast.

Damian's go big or go bigger attitude eventually blew out his knee, several times. But not before he put down some of the biggest jumps and cliffs of the era. Damian was voted Transworld Snowboarding readers poll's Most Extreme Rider. This was back when I read Transworld cover to cover every issue.

Damian Sanders embodied what snowboarding was back then, a lifestyle.

Mike Ranquet

We interview Mike Ranquet at Milano's in Glacier Washington

Mike's been a loud voice in snowboarding for almost 30 years, calling bullshit, ruffling feathers, and kicking ass on his snowboard.

He's the first guy I saw do a trick fakie (riding backwards) in a video. He's the first guy to butter. And he was among the first snowboarders to visit and tear up Alaska.

As a member of the legendary Mount Baker Hardcores (MBHC) Mike Ranquet spent his snowboard career in the company of several world class snowboarders.

After riding with him I'm convinced, he's still got it. And now, as an owner of D-Day Snowboards, Mike is back out on the snow enjoying himself and promoting the brand.

Dan Donnelly and Rob Morrow

A quick parking lot interview with two snowboarders that had a huge impact on the sport.

Dan Donnelly (Dano) was raised at Baker. A member of the legendary MBHC. Dano's smooth style is still his signature today, and he's still getting after it in-bounds and out-of-bounds.

Rob Morrow brought us Morrow snowboards in 1989. 3 years later he graced the cover of Transworld Snowboarding twice in one year. It's safe to say he's one of the first guys to listen to tunes while riding.