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Jeff Fulton

While cruisin' Mt. Baker looking for Ranquet we bumped into Jeff Fulton!

Jeff's OG MBHC and we talk about how that whole group came to be.

Now in his mid 50's his smooth style is indicative of the years he's spent at Baker riding the best in bounds terrain in the Pacific Northwest.

Recorded on the chairlift, you can hear the happy skiers and boarders in the background.


Tom Burt

Tom Burt is one of the most important snowboarders of all times. He's been a team rider, a brand ambassador, a company owner, a judge, a designer, and an adventurer. His early 90's footage showed snowboarding as it had never been seen before, big, scary, gnarly, and beautiful all at once.

Tom Burt paved the way for riders like Johan, Jeremy, and Travis. He and his good friend Jim Zellers had a bucket list of mountains they rode that has gone unchallenged until now.

We caught up with Tom at his home in California.

Happy Holidays


Chuck Barfoot

Chuck Barfoot talks about his early roots in snowboarding, his snowboard collection, and his days working with Tom Sims.


Shawn Farmer

We interview Farmer on the chairlift at Mt Baker Washington

He talks about his first board, tons of pro riders, and his board design preferences.

Listen closely for the hoots of powder day bliss and the avalanche control bombs.



Sherman & Demitrije

This is the first episode of our first season. It is comprised of two short phone interviews with the two earliest pioneers of snowboarding.

Sherman Poppen invented the snurfer in 1965 for is daughters. He talks about how he began snowboarding almost 20 years later after being harassed by a group of his fans for skiing at an event that honoured him for inventing the earliest version of a snowboard.

Dimitrije Milovich started building surprisingly modern snowboards under his brand "Winterstick" in 1972. And although he received publicity in high profile magazines like Playboy, Winterstick did not establish itself as a major brand in the snowboarding boom of the late 8u0's and early 90's. Milovich walked away from snowboarding decades ago and is known for his stance on not giving interviews. He gives advice on what listeners may find more interesting than hearing a bunch of old guys talk about snowboarding and asks the question "how deep is too deep?"


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