Dano Pendygrasse

Dano Pendygrasse shot his first snowboarding photos with a camera he bought from past guest Sean Sullivan. Before that, he was a team rider for Westbeach and Sims snowboards. Dano's photos have shaped the way I look at snowboarding. This two hour conversation with him covers a lot of ground so settle in and enjoy...



Al Clark


Al Clark invented the Superpipe along with his fellow Canadian Greg Todds. After winning the Westbeach Classic, Al got a Pro Model on Sims along side Noah Salasnek. I spent a weekend at Al's property with him and his dog Rider talking snowboarding.

Carter Turk

Carter Turk is a snowboarder's snowboarder. His name comes up a lot among snowboarders who were pro in the late 80's and into the mid 90's. I originally interviewed Carter as a part of my ambitious Craig Kelly mega-episode and now that I've stalled out on that (for now) I know there are people out there who would love to hear what Carter is up to.

Bertrand Denervaud

Berty is an eight-time world champion snowboarder. He's beaten Terje in a halfpipe competition and Palmer at boardercross.He was in the Swiss crew that included Camille Brichet, Reto Lamm, and Michi Fruh. I was super stoked to get to interview him over 25 years after seeing him rip Windell's summercamp in 1991.



The Huffman Brothers

Lukas and Jesse Huffman are twins. The both rip at snowboarding. This is a bonus episode where we talk to both of them.

Craig Kelly

Kelly Jo Legaz, Mike Ranquet, Jeff Pensiero, and John Buffery talking about Craig Elmer Kelly. I put out a little something every April 1st to celebrate the my favourite snowboarder.



Ingemar Backman

Ingemar Backman makes a rare media appearance to talk about his life in snowboarding. He's now running a resort in Sweden with his friends Johan and Jacob. It was a great honour to talk with one of snowboading's true legends.

Sean Kearns

What can I say about my experience spending the day with Sean Kearns that could possibly portray the depth of experience that I had? I left his house with two and a half hours of audio, a 163 Santa Cruz Sean Kearns NOS snowboard, a head full of high minded ideas, and a smile so big I'm still wearing it 30 hours later. This show is our in-studio conversation in it's entirety (at Sean's insistence as he won't be edited...)


David Carrier-Porcheron is a Canadian snowboarding icon. He was a competitive halfpipe rider for Burton from the late 90's until 2002 when he dedicated himself to filming in the backcountry. He still rips and is an owner in YES. a progressive snowboard brand run by snowboarders. I recorded with DCP in his home in Squamish BC.

Chad Otterstrom

Chad Otterstrom pushed the progression of freestyle snowboarding in the late 90's and 2000's. Originally from Minnesota, Chad's been in Colorado for 22 years and still tries to ride every day of the winter! Do yourself a favour and watch his video parts on youtube.