Ingemar Backman

Ingemar Backman makes a rare media appearance to talk about his life in snowboarding. He's now running a resort in Sweden with his friends Johan and Jacob. It was a great honour to talk with one of snowboading's true legends.

Sean Kearns

What can I say about my experience spending the day with Sean Kearns that could possibly portray the depth of experience that I had? I left his house with two and a half hours of audio, a 163 Santa Cruz Sean Kearns NOS snowboard, a head full of high minded ideas, and a smile so big I'm still wearing it 30 hours later. This show is our in-studio conversation in it's entirety (at Sean's insistence as he won't be edited...)


David Carrier-Porcheron is a Canadian snowboarding icon. He was a competitive halfpipe rider for Burton from the late 90's until 2002 when he dedicated himself to filming in the backcountry. He still rips and is an owner in YES. a progressive snowboard brand run by snowboarders. I recorded with DCP in his home in Squamish BC.

Chad Otterstrom

Chad Otterstrom pushed the progression of freestyle snowboarding in the late 90's and 2000's. Originally from Minnesota, Chad's been in Colorado for 22 years and still tries to ride every day of the winter! Do yourself a favour and watch his video parts on youtube.

Mark Gallup

Where would snowboarding be without photographers and filmers documenting the progression of the 90's? Not here. This week's guest, Mark Gallup, was the first senior photographer for Transworld Snow. He also was a close friend of Craig Kelly so get ready for some serious Craig talk.

Mike Basich

Mike Basich is as amazing a snowboarder as you can get. Over the course of his 25 year career he's ridden for companies like Kemper, Hooger, Scott, and Flow. He started taking photos of himself snowboarding in the early 2000's compiling 15 years worth of original and fascinating snowboard shots which include a drop out of a helicopter that is definitely the most famous snowboarding selfie in the world. I tracked Mike down in the parking lot of the Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom.

Todd Kohlman

This week we interview the Burton archivist Todd Kohlman. I still find it hard to believe the extent of Jake's collection which includes pretty much everything Burton has ever made,

Alex Warburton

Alex Warburton is a snowboarder's snowboarder. Starting his pro career in the late 80's, Alex moved to Whistler back when snowboarding was only allowed on Blackcomb. He quickly made a name for himself riding the legendary terrain better than anyone at the time. Our chat with Alex covers the last three decades, enjoy!

Jason Basarich

Bas has been riding at Mt Baker since he was a kid and is still one of the fastest snowboarders at a mountain made for snowboarding fast. We talk about when he started, his professional career and his pro model with Gnu, and his passion project Damage Incorporated.

Jeremy Jones

Back country Jeremy Jones talks about his life and snowboarding. Get to know the motivation behind his move away from helicopter into the depths of the mountains on his split board. Sponsored by and