Mark Fawcett

Mark Fawcett was the world champion and favourite to win the first Olympics at Nagano in 1998. We talk about his snowboarding career, what else would we do? Brought to you by and www.wiredsnowboards,com


From: John Moore – February 21,2018 at 5:01 pm

Hey - Just listened to your Fuzzy interview. I was one of the crazy engineers that Mark drove nuts at Sims in the late 90's that he mentioned in here (John Moore) and a proud Newfoundlander. His Nagano run was gut-wrenching - I actually threw up when his Tinkler plate popped off; watching with my buddies up in Vancouver. Sadly, our VP of Engineering at Sims just passed away last weekend - Hub Zemke so a bunch of us were googling some of the old crowd. I am sure Mark remembers Hub and our split tail Sims Burners. Enjoyed hearing from Mark - if you can send him a note from me, that would be pretty damn cool. Thanks, John