Pat Abramson

Pat Abramson rode for Ride for ten years, won the Baker Banked Slalom in 2014, and continues to shred hard to this day. He and his dad drove down from Colorado in their new (to them) right hand drive Isuzu camper to hang out with everyone at LBS33. It was an honour to sit down with snowboarding royalty and talk a bit about his Pat's life.

Martin Gallant

Martin Gallant (The Godfather) moved to Whistler from Montreal and created an snowboarding dream life. From photo shoots to travelling the world with the Kemper team, from in bounds kickers to backcountry booters. Wherever there is Martin Gallant there is a launch and usually a fucking stomp.

Shin Campos

Shin Campos is a Canadian pro snowboarder who came up in the 90's. He's raising two kids in Whistler these days and running a production company. We caught up with him in the lobby of the Westin in Whistler.

Kale Stephens

Kale Stephens is a legendary Canadian snowboarder who moved from Ontario to Whistler and became one of the most popular pro riders of his time.  Kale talks to us abut his life in snowboarding from his early competitive career to his epic parts in snowboard movies by Treetop, Mack Dawg, and several others.

Jeff Keenan

Jeff Keenan joins the show travelling to our secret Seymour cabin from Whistler to record an interview about snowboarding. Special thanks to Nic for keeping the fire going and Crystal for having the cabin in the first place.

Mark Sullivan

The Snowboard Project's Mark Sullivan joins us this week for a talk about snowboarding and podcasting. With seven years at Snowboarder under his belt, Mark knows the ins and outs of the industry as well as many of the key players. Mark's event, Tailgate Alaska, is now in it's 13th year!

Willie McMillon

Willie McMillon is a Jackson Hole shredder who started a wax company (Bluebird) that had one of the best teams ever assembled. These days Willie is singing in a band called Fader McGavin and the Risky Livers. He's also still snowboarding on his own terms.

Terje Haakonsen

Terje Haakonsen signed a contract with Burton when he was just 15 years old. He's been one of the most recognized snowboarders in the world ever since. During his nearly 30 year career Terje has dominated competitive snowboarding, ascended runs in Alaska that no one had ever done before, taken snow skating to the next level, and been and outspoken critic of the Olympics (exposing many people, myself included, to the negative impact the Olympics have on the planet, the host cities, and on the entire snowboarding community). It was an honour to sit with snowboarding's truest legend.

Lance Pitman

Lance Pitman moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming when he was 11 years old. By the time he was 16 he was flying around the world being paid to snowboard.

Chris Rasman

The Manboy's Chris Rasman set up a quiet Westin Hotel boardroom using his Whistler beer connection. We talk about his life in snowboarding, because that's what you do in a snowboard podcast episode. Sponsored by Wire Snowboards, Dakine Outerwear, The Boardroom Snowboard Shop, Grouse Mountain, and Tribute Boardshop in Nelson BC.