Mount Seymour Baked Salmon Banked Slalom

The Mount Seymour Baked Salmon Banked Slalom is the place to go and see the healthy beating heart of the soul of snowboarding. This year's event was smoother, faster, funner, and sunnier than any of the previous three!! I was stoked to compete. And best of all, through a glitch in time-keeping and rule-keeping, I beat Arty. Badly. Better luck next year bro.

Craig Kelly Bonus Season 4

Craig Elmer Kelly would've been 53 today! I invite you to spend the day thinking about how fucking rad it is that Craig chose to ride a snowboard for a living.

Russell Winfield

Russell Winfield is our guest again this week for a little bonus chat about style in snowboarding. Recorded in Pat A's camper at The Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom this year!!

Scott Serfas

Scott Serfas started photographing his friends while they skateboarded and snowboarded and his friends happened to include guys like Devun Walsh. This is our conversation that we recorded at Wired Snowboard's Vancouver factory.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson defined what it was to be a snowboard pro in the early 90's then quickly went on to become one of the most infamous snowboarders of all time with his character Boozy the Clown in the classic Whiskey film series. I sat with Johnson in his living room at his house on Vancouver Island and we talked about his 20 years sober (this November) and the old days and everything in between.

David Benedek

Bert Lamar

Bert Lamar helped created skate-influenced snowboarding in the early 90's. His innovations lead the way for professional snowboarders to make a living in other ways then competing in contests. In this episode we reveal the true origin of the phallic Look Lamar Trickstick.

Chris Dufficy

Chris Dufficy rode for Forum and was a part of the Forum 8. He was the prodigy of Canadian snowboard legend Sean Johnson. Dufficy still rips today, snowboarding because he loves it. He's raising two kids with his wife in Kamloops BC.

Pat Abramson

Pat Abramson rode for Ride for ten years, won the Baker Banked Slalom in 2014, and continues to shred hard to this day. He and his dad drove down from Colorado in their new (to them) right hand drive Isuzu camper to hang out with everyone at LBS33. It was an honour to sit down with snowboarding royalty and talk a bit about his Pat's life.

Martin Gallant

Martin Gallant (The Godfather) moved to Whistler from Montreal and created an snowboarding dream life. From photo shoots to travelling the world with the Kemper team, from in bounds kickers to backcountry booters. Wherever there is Martin Gallant there is a launch and usually a fucking stomp.